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About Us

The Story

Cajoja Naturals began as a vision for its founder Cassandra John-Muganambuga. A naturalista, herself, Cassandra spent hundreds of dollars on popular products to enhance her natural tresses to no avail. With a despondent spirit she almost gave up until she was propelled to do some research and discovered a growing market of hair and skin care products that have few synthetic ingredients and many natural ones…

A chemist by profession, she was advised to make her own, but with such a ready market, she decided to simply make these products available to anyone who wanted to minimize the use of chemicals on their hair and skin and embrace the world of the naturals!

The Vision

Convenience, high quality products, excellent service (with a smile J) and reasonable prices are important factors to Cajoja Naturals, but education is the pinnacle. By educating its clients, it is hoped that people would be more aware of the chemicals that they expose themselves to and make an effort to utilize products that minimize damage and promote health.

Cajoja Naturals hopes to become the leader in online hair and skin care products simultaneously educating and guiding its clients to making informed purchases.

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