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Bleaching and Dyeing my Hair!!!

Hi Gorgeous Naturals


So yesterday I did the unthinkable..... I bleached out and dyed my hair!! OMG!!

It was a step I thought I would not take because I did bleach my hair in the past and....... ok... imagine a desert- real dry, parched, no water in sight... and there is a tumbleweed just drifting in that dry, parched, moisture-less wind......... That was my hair!!!!!

I swore I would never bleach my hair again!!! But as I hit the big 4-0- I'm actually 41!! I decided to take a chance- must be some kinda mid life crisis!!

Anyway, so since this blog is supposed to be informational, let me tell you what I did to prepare my hair and what my intentions are to maintain healthy hair


(1)    I didn’t wash my hair for a week- the natural oils secreted by your scalp help to coat the hair shaft and minimise damage caused by 30 volume hydrogen peroxide!!! What de…. Hmmmm

(2)   I doused my hair in coconut oil the night before bleaching…. Ok when I say doused, I mean like soaked it in gooood!! You will smell like burnt coconut so warn your boyfriend or hubby beforehand (I am single so I have no worries!!)

(3)   When I was ready to bleach, I re-doused my hair- ask my girlie who was doing it – “Hi Tenisha “   - she was like you ridiculous yes!!

Hey I wasn’t going down without a fight!!

(4)   After bleaching, I shampooed with Shea Moisture Raw Shea Moisturising Shampoo to put back in some moisture- your strands will be stripped and thirsty!!

(5)   Then it was time for the dye- I left that in for 30 minutes and then re-shampooed; did a treatment with Shea Moisture JBCO Strengthen and Grow Treatment Masque, followed by Tropic Isle Aloe Vera Oil and then Shea Moisture Raw Shea Restorative Conditioner as my leave in

So that was it!! My hair now….. ORANGE!! Not the whole thing peoples….are you mad!! Just the ends… It’s an ombre effect!! LOL

To continue maintaining health, I plan to invest in vitamins- Biotin and Folic Acid, moisturize daily, deep condition weekly, do monthly protein treatments and do as many protective styles as possible

So I will keep you updated as to my newly dyed ORANGE ends journey. Laters!!










Bleaching and Dyeing my Hair!!!

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