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Dry Hair.... OMG!!

So despite having a wide range of excellent products to use on a daily basis, I still encounter dry hair occasionally... and when I say dry, I really mean PARCHED!!

So whenever I feel like I'm a poor representation of the products I sell, I do a little TLC on my thirsty strands and see an immediate improvement

People have asked me over the years, how do you keep your hair looking and feeling moisturized in this extreme heat and I believe one of the strategies that I employ that helps a lot is the famous "pre poo"

Ahmmmm... Cassy... What's a pre poo- doesn't sound like its related to hair at all!! Lol

Well it is simply a shortened form of saying "pre shampoo". But why do it? Well there are many benefits to doing a pre poo

1. It protects your hair from the drying effects of shampooing

2. It restores lost moisture from your hair strands (thus my parched look)

3. Its a great detangler

4. A pre poo gives your conditioner a surface to hang onto.. So your conditioner works better

5. Adds shine to your hair

Those are some great benefits especially since they say our hair is our "Crowning  Glory" ... hmmm

In order to pre poo, you simply add your favorite oils an hour or so before you shampoo - I leave mine overnight!! A combination of castor, olive and coconut oils are my favourite, tie up in a shower cap (or plastic bag- no need to be fancy!! ) and a towel- especially if leaving it overnight! then shampoo and condition the next day!!

Try it... it works wonders!

Have fun my lovelies....TTyl!!

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